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Arrow One Ranch, Arrow One Ranch  505,  United States, Blue marlin, Axis deer, Sheep

Arrow One Ranch

Arrow One Ranch 505, United States
Blue marlin, Axis deer, Sheep

Arrow One Ranch is privately owned, operated and managed for trophy class axis deer and sheep. The ranch started the commerial hunting of axis deer in 1999 and the management of the axis deer herds on the ranch. The hunting area of the ranch is approx 1000 acres of dense cover consisting of kiawe forest,rolling hills with small drainages and prickly pear cactus (panni) the cover makes for good bow stalking. It takes approximately 3 days to cover the area. We are avid bow hunters and experienced hunting guides, bow hunters guiding bow hunters. Most shooting opportunities are 20 to 40 yards and usally around 100 yds or so for rifle hunters,308 and 306 calibers are best for trophy axis bucks.It is not uncommon to see 2 to 3 hundred deer on a 1 day hunt, however axis deer are very cunning and can be very challenging to hunt.

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