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Australian Buffalo Hunters,   Mandurah 6210,  Australia, Barramundi, Water buffalo, Ox, Wild boar

Australian Buffalo Hunters

Mandurah 6210, Australia
Barramundi, Water buffalo, Ox, Wild boar

welcome hunters to our crazy life, remote exciting adventures, living in the outback, with a green canvas tent as our home for hunt season. personally i have a passion for hunting dangerous game, with classic big game rifles of a large caliber... and especially exploring wild remote areas to discover herds of buffalo or a monster bull. 24 years ago while hunting in the northern territory with a friend, his 470 ne double rifle was empty as a wounded bull charged down on us, i dropped the bull at 8 yards with a 375 h&h. that was the first shot i fired at dangerous game, and since then i have loved the excitment of being close up on large buffalo and hunting with a big bore rifle. after experiencing many australian and african hunting adventures, i set out to build a quality safari company in australia. that dream has been reached with the assistance of a team of professional staff, also dedicated to quality service in remote outback australia. see you in the bush... the value of a professional outfitter a professional safari company should have the highest standards. you are not only paying for a quality hunt and trophy, you are paying for a professional business to operate all year. that means total dedication to customers, professional wages, a company that will maintain productive hunting concessions, and work with land owners for many years. travelled hunters know there are no bargains, cheap hunts will have problems, no game, no trophy size animals, no license or permits, damaged or lost skins or trophies, destroyed exports... a disaster. every year it will happen again, somewhere... we are often asked for capes.!! please ensure your hard earned money is not wasted. the actual hunting is about 1/3 of the work for a professional outfitter, who also spends time- training, marketing, conventions, scheduling, processing licenses, hunt and access permits, visiting police, repairs, servicing, buying and transporting supplies, trophy cleaning, treating, packaging, freighting, etc. you are paying for much more than a hunt in the bush. you must book with a proven professional outfitter.a new outfitter always finds a new area..!! and some operators drive around all day until they find some buffalo and hopefully a bull. thats fine for 5or 6 bulls a year, and a patient client. an established outfitter has seen the country for 10 or 20 years and long ago secured the best concessions he can find. large herds of buffalo means good hunting, a number of camps and areas with large herds means exceptional hunting every year. we have tried 'new' areas 15 years ago, and have secured the best with an estimated 12,000 buffalo in our 4 adjoining concessions, so we run 2 main safari camps that are regularly shifted to place you in the best hunting.

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