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Ayf Safari International,  39 Baku 1008,  Azerbaijan, Geese, Pheasant, Duck, Bear, Wolf, Tur, Bezoar ibex, Fox, Wild boar

Ayf Safari International

39 Baku 1008, Azerbaijan
Geese, Pheasant, Duck, Bear, Wolf, Tur, Bezoar ibex, Fox, Wild boar

"Experts” say that out of all existent climatic zones only two are not represented in Azerbaijan. Others do not agree with the statement and believe that Azerbaijan has all of them but one. It is possible that it explains the favorable conditions for hunting in Azerbaijan. Through all ages, the diverse landscape and natural conditions made hunting the principle men's occupation. An ovchu (hunter) was the most popular hero of legends. Hunting scenes are the main motif of rock pictures found in the ancient human settlement in Gobustan. Since that time the living conditions have changed and the society has developed, which made a big impact on habitat. At the same time the hunting arms were developed as well. However, what has not been changed is a men's wish for hunting and for proving their power over nature. It was natural that the fauna suffered losses. It led to narrowing of their habitat, distortion of ecology and making the animal life scanty. Nowaday, what can be offered for game-shooting became more “modest”. However, owing to the efficient ecological policy. Azerbaijan managed to preserve its resources. This is the main reason why all guests coming to Azerbaijan consider it to be.

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