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Balheary Shooting Grounds,  Skidoo,  Ireland, Clay target

Balheary Shooting Grounds

Skidoo, Ireland
Clay target

Balheary Shooting is open for business having had a squirt of oil put onto the traps and a lick of paint thrown on the clubhouse, breathing life into a club with so much history and success at all levels. The club is open to all and encourages shooters of the highest standard to those who have never held a gun and are interested in trying clay pigeon shooting. The club is operating an open door policy catering for all shooting disciplines and welcoming all. We are interested in becoming a shooters club, where shooting is the focus and fun. We have programmes and sponsorship to promote shooting in the junior and female sections. So if you fancy a shot or if you are simply in the neighbourhood and fancy a tour, drop in for a coffee. Aidan our full time club manager and shooting coach is on hand to answer any enquiries, and if you bring biscuits he might even have the kettle on!!!! Give Aidan a call at the club to arrange coaching sessions.

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