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BC Safaris,  Prince George,  Canada, Wolf, Grizzly, Stone sheep, Moose, Mountain goat, Caribou

BC Safaris

Prince George, Canada
Wolf, Grizzly, Stone sheep, Moose, Mountain goat, Caribou

BC Safaris Ltd. was formed in 2001 when Shane Black and Keith Connors purchased Turnagain River Outfitters Ltd. from Eugene Egeler. Turnagain River Outfitters dates back to 1963 when Gene Overton took over the area, which he operated until 1988. Keith has now retired and Shane has partnered with Mike Gilson , they are committed to providing an uncompromising quality to the hunts they offer. We have a great deal of respect for the wildlife we hunt and the people we hunt them with. We have the exclusive guiding rights to over 2000 square miles of some of the finest hunting country in North America. Along with that we have excellent facilities and equipment as well as the experienced guides and dependable horses to ensure that the hunt you book with us will be as good as it gets. The service is personalized with the owners/outfitters always there. We are a Family run hands-on operation.

If you want to hunt Stone Sheep, Mountain Caribou, Moose, Mountain Goat, Grizzly Bear or Wolf this is the place. Our hunts can be tailored to your requests and we boast extremely high success safety and fun. Generally our hunts are on horseback but we also hunt moose and grizzly by boat and have excellent success on our backpack sheep and goat hunts.

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