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Belhunt Service,  3a 17,  Belarus, Partridge, Black grouse, Grouse, Capercaillie, Duck, Red deer, Woodcock, Wolf, Roe deer, Moose, Bison, Wild boar

Belhunt Service

3a 17, Belarus
Partridge, Black grouse, Grouse, Capercaillie, Duck, Red deer, Woodcock, Wolf, Roe deer, Moose, Bison, Wild boar

The world hunting community has been unaware of Belarus for a long time. But now Belarus claims to be a country with a unique natural habitat, attractive for true admirers of exotic adventures.

The most luring feature, no other country can boast of and, moreover, lots of foreign hunters are interested in, is complete authenticity of wild animals, inhabiting forests, swamps and fields of Belarus. There are no farms specialized in growing partridges, quails or hares here. There is no need in it. The wild life of Belarus, as it is, is rich in various species of animals in their natural habitat. And real hunters appreciate it a lot.

You will not find forestries here where animals are kept in pens before the hunting season and fed with substances which speed up the growth of deer and roe antlers and wild boar fangs.

In Belarus Sus scrofa kept their primeval state and their major feature is an astonishing fang size: fancy a hunter�s joy when unique specimens with the length from 240 to 270 mm are added to his collection of hunting trophies!

Other attractive features of our country are a possibility to combine wild boar and wolf hunting and also an exclusive hunting for a bison.

The agency Belhunt Service that provide tourist and hunting services, chooses for its clients the best forestries of Belarus with an experienced staff who underwent a special training. The results show an excellent organization of hunting, including comfortable staying in picturesque hunter�s houses. We do our best to satisfy all the desires even of the most demanding hunters. No matter whether a group of hunters arrives or a hunter comes alone, an experienced interpreter and the best hunting guards always accompany them. Thanks to them you will spend several unforgettable days in the country that only recently has opened its beauty for true lovers of the real hunt.

The time seems to slow down its pace in Belarus, the geographical center of Europe. In the marathon of the XXI century Belarus continues to keep its primeval beauty, its hospitable people and its perennial values.

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