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Belle Isle Estate, Fermanagh,  Enniskillen,  United Kingdom, Geese, Snipe, Pigeon, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target

Belle Isle Estate, Fermanagh

Enniskillen, United Kingdom
Geese, Snipe, Pigeon, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target

The emphasis at Belle Isle is on the sport of wild birds and the enjoyment of the day. The ideal number of guns is 8, with a minimum of 6. Bags are entirely dependent on the weather and the quality of shooting – no guarantee on bag size can be given due to the fact woodcock and snipe are wild birds and many factors beyond our control influence their abundance. However, our team of experienced beaters will do everything they can to ensure our guns have the best possible day.
Woodcock shooting takes place on 435 acres of Belle Isle Estate or Baronscourt Estate, which is about 1 hour away. Lunch is usually provided in the middle of the day in a pub or in the Castle. Snipe shooting takes place either on Upper Lough Erne or on nearby bogs.

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