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Blue Wolf Travel Co.,  Hovdyn Gol 11 7,  Mongolia, Partridge, Hazel grouse, Black grouse, Grouse, Fox, Rabbit

Blue Wolf Travel Co.

Hovdyn Gol 11 7, Mongolia
Partridge, Hazel grouse, Black grouse, Grouse, Fox, Rabbit

Hunting with Golden Eagle is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh life. The hunter is named kusbegi or berkutchi. The experience of wild birds training was gained by Kazakh kusbegi by centuries, the secrets were impacted from the father to the son and kept deep secret. At the present time we can meet few people with such name. These masters have innate gift of wild birds training. For a hunting they tame falcons, golden eagles and eagles. Names of birds are given depending on their appearance and battle characteristics. The hunting with Golden Eagle are during ten centuries. Was considered, to present the teenager a nestling of hunting bird, means, to wish to him to begin courageous, strong dzhigit.

To train golden eagle – it is the high art. The caught bird gradually accustom to the owner. For it berkutchi some nights doesn't close eyes and interdicts to sleep golden eagle. The bird can take feed (bits of uncooked meat) only from hands of the owner. After bird will get used to the hunter- berkutchi, his horse and dog, berkutchi begins to train to hunt for stuffed fox and only then the real hunting begins. Specially trained golden eagler hunts for small animals: rabbits, foxes, partridge, black hazel grouses

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