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Bulgarian Hunt Service,  Goce Delchev Blvd. 1404,  Bulgaria, Capercaillie, Red deer, Chamois, Brown bear, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

Bulgarian Hunt Service

Goce Delchev Blvd. 1404, Bulgaria
Capercaillie, Red deer, Chamois, Brown bear, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

Personally I accompany hunters in Bulgaria since November 1993. Since then I am constantly on the road with our guests. Based on my long experience with the organization and the full service during the hunting trips to anywhere in Bulgaria I have taken this big responsibility which is also great obligation for me. We (my collaborators and I) will advice you about the hunting opportunities in the different parts of our country, about the possibilities in the hunting areas and the nature specificity of our country. We are offering expert help for your planning overall trips. This covers not only service during the hunt, but also individual approach to the journey. For us is very important not only your hunting success, but also to enjoy our wonderful country and Bulgarian hospitality. Further we intend to present always update information on the diversity and distribution of wild populations of different species in Bulgaria and even the overall organizations of the hunt in Bulgaria to you and to our business partners abroad. Bulgaria is famous around the world with the quality of the trophies. In many excellent hunting areas in our country can be organized red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, chamois, wild boar hunt, as well as predators and feathered game hunt according to the individual guests’ preferences. Meanwhile our clients can attest that hunting with us in Bulgaria is a real and a positive experience, and they are already thousands of foreign hunters.

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