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Capra Trophy Travel - Partridge and Pheasant,  Antalya,  Turkey, Partridge, Pheasant

Capra Trophy Travel - Partridge and Pheasant

Antalya, Turkey
Partridge, Pheasant

To the subfamily of the Phasianinae include, in addition to the "real" pheasants, also to the Peacock and the chicken. Many hundreds of years before the beginning of our era pheasants were bred in Greece. The Romans spread the animal on and after the fall of the Roman Empire, pheasants are a favorite hunting object.

Pheasants are real ratites. They can move rapidly in all directions. Moreover, they understand the art to sneak away between the vegetation. A pheasant is able to crawl like a snake between grass. The moment they go on the blades is done in a quick, "rumbling" flight. The roosters here usually make a loud cackling sound. Sometimes they let themselves fall after a short flight like a stone back in coverage. This also happens when they are going to stay on grassland. Pheasants rust on tree branches, but also regularly on the ground, almost untraceable.

Pheasants are hunted in Turkey in two ways: on-the-foot and driven. Intermediate forms thereof are also used. Spaniels in this case are ideal aid hunters, but also pointing dogs such as German shorthaired and wirehaired Jack Russells are good to use for this. During hunts pheasant hens should be spared. The hunt leader gives this information before the hunt starts.

A picker-up features a retriever that can sit quietly on post, without barking or squeaking. The dog should be soft in the mouth to bring in the wild undamaged; retrievers / pointers and spaniels are appropriate for this job.

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