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Capra Trophy Travel Turkey - Wild Boar,  Antalya,  Turkey, Wild boar

Capra Trophy Travel Turkey - Wild Boar

Antalya, Turkey
Wild boar

It's almost time; from September to February.
In recent years we have had as CAPRA TROPHY TRAVEL highly successful drive hunts in Turkey. This is due to the excellent hunting grounds, but also to the organization and the enthusiastic cooperation of our team with our esteemed hunters.
In Turkey we hunt in the midst of a very welcoming atmosphere of a beautiful, unspoiled nature. There is a fairly high concentration of adult wild boars which will surprise our hunters again and again with their size and ferocity.
Long before the arrival of our hunting guests the concerned feeding areas
are well prepared and confirmed with the presence of several wild boars. Also one of our hunting dogs will be at your disposal for any assistance when needed.
We offer two different packages with a guarantee of approximately 25 - 35 wild boars. In most groups so far between 40 and 60 boars have been shot, depending on skills and luck during the hunt. Wild boars over 300 kg are shot here every year. Also we recorded similar trophies of more than 30 cm. Turkish wild boar cannot be compared even with the best pigs from Eastern Europe. Trophy sizes from 18-25 cm here are more the rule than the exception. Here the hunted boar represents about 20 -30% of all boars during our hunts.
Depending on the events 3-4 driven hunts are made daily.

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