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Carminnows Sporting Estate,  Dumfries And Galloway,  United Kingdom, Geese, Turkey, Duck, Red deer, Wild goat, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Carminnows Sporting Estate

Dumfries And Galloway, United Kingdom
Geese, Turkey, Duck, Red deer, Wild goat, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Situated along the main Galloway Tourist route of the A713 and equidistant between Ayr and Castle Douglas, Carminnows Estate benefits from an elevated setting overlooking Ken Doon Loch and the Water of Deugh with panoramic views over some of Southern Scotlands most beautiful and unspoilt scenery beyond.
Our 747 acres are a balanced combination of open and mixed grazing, native broadleaf and coniferous plantations, free flowing rivers and small lochs and ponds which allow for a diverse range of agricultural, horticulture, sporting, recreation and leisure activities to be conducted on the property.
The main activities conducted at Carminnows are broad spectrum agriculture with us farming a variety of livestock for specific land management, commercial and domestic purposes. Our main livestock activity is with our flock of pure Scottish Blackface sheep and our smaller numbers of rare breed Soay sheep however, our other livestock such as our Alpacas, Red and fallow Deer, Wild Boar, wild Goats, Pigs, ducks, geese, turkeys and chickens give us quite a handful to manage yet they each offer and provide unique opportunities within the Estate allowing for growth and diversification into a wider range of services which we now have on offer.
Our services are varied from our farmhouse accommodation and farmstay Holidays, small farm shop, traditional smokehouse, home grown produce and Garden centre to name a few and we hope you will find our products and services of interest and we look forward to welcoming you to Carminnows.

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