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Caucasus Travel,   ,  Georgia, Partridge, Pheasant, Wild cat, Wolf, Fox, Golden jackal

Caucasus Travel

, Georgia
Partridge, Pheasant, Wild cat, Wolf, Fox, Golden jackal

Nestled in the central part of the cordillera penibética, the Sierra Nevada massif constitutes the most extensive in the mountainous areas endowed with iberian structural unit itself. Called by the Arabs of the middle ages as "sierra del sol", is home not only one of the most valuable flora of the entire European continent but also hides a rich cultural and historical heritage accumulated over centuries. Sierra Nevada occupies a considerable area of the provinces of granada and almeria. natural park with an area of 174,849 hectares, of which 85,883 are national park also includes 60 municipalities in the natural regions of the marquess of zenete, the Lecrin valley the Sierra Nevada west, the rio nacimiento and, finally, the alpujarra, the most extensive and that was the last moorish stronghold in the kingdom of Granada.

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