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Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge,  Fairfax,  United States, Quail, Turkey, Deer, Hog, Wild boar

Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge

Fairfax, United States
Quail, Turkey, Deer, Hog, Wild boar

Since 1985, it has been the goal of the Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge to provide the best when it comes to deer hunting in South Carolina. Located near the Savannah River south of Fairfax, South Carolina in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry, our lodge is the ideal spot for those looking for deer hunts From August 15th through January 1st. Are you interested in deer, wild boar, or hog hunting in South Carolina? If so, welcome to Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge! We are located in the beautiful Savannah River basin, prime deer and wild boar country. At our lodge, we offer a guaranteed South Carolina deer and hog hunting experience; if we do not produce a number of shooting opportunities at suitable animals equal to the number of hunters on hand during your visit, you come back at the “Non-Hunter” rate of $150.00 per day which covers food and lodging only. Our goal is to provide you with a world class experience on a trip you'll never forget.

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