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Chipchase Castle, Hexham,  United Kingdom, Snipe, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target, Salmon

Chipchase Castle

Hexham, United Kingdom
Snipe, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target, Salmon

Chipchase has a wonderful natural landscape with more than 3,000 acres of varied terrain of parkland, farmland woodland and lakes. The land has been meticulously planned out with stategically placed blocks and strips of young woodland consisting of sprigs of alder and oak, all of which promise world class hunting, with an eye on the future. Shooting at Chipchase promises to be a force for some time.

The shooting is a predominately medium to high pheasant shoot, in the top drawer of driven pheasant shooting in Northumberland. Although the Estate specialises in pheasant shooting, a typical day will also see see wild partidge, snipe, woodcock, and duck; every drive at Chipchase offers a different speciality bird. We also are more than happy to host clay pigeon shooting day in and around the grounds.

Situated on the North-Tyne River that passes through both England and Wales, fishing at Chipchase is a must for any enthusiast. However, it is not only the fishing that is captivation, but also the tale of how the Tyne broke into the world of high-class Salmon fishing.

In 1959 it was reported that no salmon or trout were caught by rod and line in the Tyne, however, today we see over 6000 migratory fish landed a year. Since its industrial heyday the quality of the water in the Tyne has dramatically improved thanks to massive investment from water companies and government and at last can support a growing population of iconic fish species. To add to its success the Tyne has over 600,000 fry returned to its water by Kielder Hatchery giving a huge boost to the viability of salmon in the river.

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