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Clark Fork Outfitters,  Nampa,  United States, Grouse, Other, Mule deer, Rocky mountain elk, Black bear, Elk

Clark Fork Outfitters

Nampa, United States
Grouse, Other, Mule deer, Rocky mountain elk, Black bear, Elk

Clark Fork Outfitters is a family owned business that operates under permits on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests, on approximately 300 square miles of remote yet accessible, diverse and game rich territory in northern Idaho.CFO Fall 2013 044

We were fortunate enough to purchase Clark Fork Outfitters in 2012 and in 2014 we were able to buy out North Idaho Mountain Outfitting in order to bring the neighboring businesses together under the Clark Fork Outfitters name. Prior to purchasing Clark Fork Outfitters I had been in the industry for over ten years and had guided for Clark Fork Outfitters since 2004, I also guided for North Idaho Mountain Outfitting during my tenure as a guide. Molly was right there with me the entire time, cooking in camps and assisting with day to day operations, she is probably the most versatile asset on our staff. This experience in the industry has shaped our basic business plan, we strive to provide quality hunts at reasonable prices with great home cooked meals, personalized service and well organized daily operations. We are a full time outfitters and guides, we do not have a second career to distract attention from providing quality service to our clients. The combination of the two businesses makes this a better outfit than either could be on it’s own and we are very excited about the potential for the future.

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