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Clay Bundy Guide Service,  Utah,  United States, Deer, Antelope, Sheep

Clay Bundy Guide Service

Utah, United States
Deer, Antelope, Sheep

Clay Bundy Guide Service is booking archery and rifle hunts on the Arizona strip units 13A, 13B, and Kaibab for deer, antelope, and sheep. The Arizona Strip is famous for its trophy class mule deer, antelope and desert bighorn sheep. The during 2003-2005 hunters enjoyed a 100% success rate with all three species and took trophy class animals. Clay Bundy lives north of the Arizona Strip in St. George, UT. His family ranch is conveniently located an hour and a half from St. George on the boundary of both the 13A and 13B units. The ranch includes a house which is equipped with running water, heat, shower, bath, stove and a refrigerator. While using the cabin hunters will enjoy a comfortable nights rest and have quick and easy access to the area. Clay's knowledge of the strip comes from growing up on the ranch. His dad, Orvel Bundy, has always had a passion for hunting and has taught Clay and his brothers how to find and take big Mule Deer. Through a lifetime of living on this world famous Arizona Strip, the Bundy’s have learned where the deer summer, grow their antlers and rut. Clay and his brothers have walked almost every inch of the areas that you will hunt, due to the many hours hunting shed antlers. During this time they have learned where the deer beds are and where the little rock pockets that hold water are located. These water holes will keep a giant buck hidden from someone who does not have a vast knowledge of the area.

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