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Clay Pigeon Shooting Northumberland,  Longwitton,  United Kingdom, Pigeon, Other

Clay Pigeon Shooting Northumberland

Longwitton, United Kingdom
Pigeon, Other

We offer a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a day out in the Northumbrian countryside engaging with your friends, family members or work colleagues learning how to shoot clays. We have catered for a broad variety of needs from individuals to corporate days. Visit us to learn to shoot or to be involved in simulated game shooting!
Why should I choose clay target shooting?

Spend a day in the beautiful Northumberland countryside.
Clay pigeon shooting is enjoyable as well as challenging.
It’s an opportunity to try something completely different.
A basic shooting level can be mastered in a short space of time.
Age, fitness & ability at this level does not have a great impact on your final scores.
You can book almost any number of people from individuals to corporate days out.
A great day out for colleagues, friends, and families!

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