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Codicote Bottom Ctc,  Codicote,  United Kingdom, Pigeon, Clay target

Codicote Bottom Ctc

Codicote, United Kingdom
Pigeon, Clay target

Situated near the village of Codicote, near Welwyn in Hertfordshire, CBCTC offers both the novice and experienced shooter a relaxed, informal shooting venue where you can hone your skills or just practice. We are only open on alternating Sundays and no two shoots are ever quite the same. We are a 'not for profit' private shooting club with a limited membership, however we also allow non-members to shoot as well. Our dedicated team of volunteer staff create a new layout for each shoot. We provide a varied sporting layout along with DTL/ABT and Compak disciplines. We have two towers, a grouse butt along with a couple of raised platforms from which to shoot. Cages are provided for all stands. Safety is paramount which is why we have 3 qualified safety officers. We are CPSA affiliated, however, we do not provide registered shoots. The Club holds a Section 11(6) Exemption under the Firearms Acts 1968 to 1997.

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