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Coulter Lake Guest Ranch & Outfitters,  Rifle,  United States, Turkey, Deer, Mule deer, Elk

Coulter Lake Guest Ranch & Outfitters

Rifle, United States
Turkey, Deer, Mule deer, Elk

Coulter Lake Guest Ranch & Outfitters is located in western Colorado, 3 miles into the White River National Forest and 20 miles northeast of the town of Rifle. The ranch is at 8,100 feet surrounded by valleys, drainages with dark timber, aspen stands, and high meadows. Hunting areas range from 7,000 to 9.500 feet. The ranch is located in GMU #33: home to elk, mule deer and black bear.

Coulter Lake Colorado Outfitter License is #2805. Our permit allows us to outfit within the WRNF and GMU #33 from Rt. 13/789 on the west then nearly 20 miles to Meadow Lake & Creek on the east and south to the WRNF boundary. We have access to hunt on private land.
The White River National Forest is over 2 million acres. The WRNF is bordered to the north by the Flattops Wilderness area and to the west by the Peance Creek area. This area is home to the second largest elk herd in the state. There is a resident herd in and around the ranch which is supplemented by elk moving to their winter grounds during November. Mule deer are plentiful as are black bear.
This is a large unit north of Rifle consisting of the WRNF and private land. Archery and black powder seasons run in September with 4 rifle seasons during October and November. You must apply for archery, blackpowder, 1st rifle and 4th rifle seasons. These take few or no preference points to draw. Bull elk licenses can be purchased over the counter for the second and third rifle seasons. Please contact us for details.
Weather conditions vary greatly from Colorado archery elk hunting and mule deer hunting in September through late rifle elk hunts and mule deer hunts in November. September Colorado elk hunting may be in dry, sunny days in the 60's while November elk hunts and mule deer hunts may be in single digit temperatures with lots of snow. The first snows will normally take place in mid to late October. Weather changes quickly in the mountains so it is critical to be prepared. You will need your hunter safety card to purchase a tag in Colorado. Also remember, that you must have a hunter orange hat and vest.

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