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Davis And Bowring,  Kendal Road,  United Kingdom, Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Dove, Atlantic salmon, Salmon

Davis And Bowring

Kendal Road, United Kingdom
Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Dove, Atlantic salmon, Salmon

Nick has been highly instrumental in establishing and growing Davis & Bowring Sporting since 1987, when he began working as a sporting agent having originally worked in a Land Agency Management role.

Born in London in the mid 50s Nick’s first years were as far removed from hills and heather as you could imagine. Moving to Suffolk in the late 60s he started shooting pigeons and then game on his uncle’s farm; these were ‘red letter’ days and early game book entries run to several pages of enthusiastic notes and diagrams!

Roll forward to the early eighties and employment at Davis & Bowring, where two of the Partners owned grouse moors and an upland sporting education began in earnest.

Nick’s two sons have been brought up to shoot and fish; although they are not involved in the business preferring to earn money in London to enable them to get out with rod and gun, at home and abroad, as often as possible.

Nick’s wife is a very keen fisher, who often catches more fish in a season than the rest of the family put together. She trained Nick’s Labradors after he made such a bad job of teaching his now departed cocker spaniel, Magic, to sit, stay and come baaack!!

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