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Dc Outfitters,  Roseburg,  United States, Turkey, Bear, Deer, Black tail deer, Elk, White tail deer

Dc Outfitters

Roseburg, United States
Turkey, Bear, Deer, Black tail deer, Elk, White tail deer

Come and hunt what some call the "Pacific Ghost"! The elusive Columbia Blacktail Deer of Southern Oregon.This area has long time been known as today's "hot spot" for hunting world class blacktail deer.Douglas County is one of the county's in the area producing the biggest bucks of all.

Our numerous private ranches totaling over 10,000 acres are located in the heart of this big buck country. Hunting is conducted by spot and stalk method and hunts offer a 90-100% opportunity to harvest a nice buck. Late season rut hunts and Muzzleloader hunts offer opportunities at some exceptional trophy bucks. Through our management program that we have implemented over the last several years we are now starting to consistently see and harvest bucks that qualify for Boone and Crockett.
We work hard to provide a high quality hunt, in the best area available, at a reasonable rate. All hunts we offer are fair chase hunts. The guides have grown up hunting the same areas they guide in today. Our goal is to give you a successful and memorable hunting trip, one that you will want to return to again in the future.

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