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DOMAINE DE SAINT FRAMBAULT,   Route De Saint,  France, Partridge, Red-legged partridge, Grey partridge, Pheasant


Route De Saint, France
Partridge, Red-legged partridge, Grey partridge, Pheasant

Pheasant hunting in France, a magic domain full of surprise

Ideally placed between the Castle of the Loire Valley and Paris, Saint Frambault domain offers different hunting trips in France. The domain of 1000 acres is perfect for small game hunting. Since 1953, the Goulaine family organise small game hunting stays in France. The speciality is the driven hunt. 2 or 3 walking up hunting days are also possible in the best conditions.

The hunting property story

The Castle of Saint Frambault owns its name to a hermit who lived in the sixth century and evangelized the Maine, leaving his name in different localities; it has certainly inspired " Chrétien de Troyes" author of the Knights of the Round Table, for his character "Lancelot du Lac".

On the property there still exist some traces of a chapel built in 1187 and a priory of the fifteenth century, where was found a roussard stone tomb dating from the seventh century after Jesus Christ. There are also remains of two sources said miraculous, which were the subject of pilgrimages to treat eye diseases.

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