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Dunalastair Estate, Perthshire,  Pitlochry,  United Kingdom, French partridge, Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Deer

Dunalastair Estate, Perthshire

Pitlochry, United Kingdom
French partridge, Partridge, Grouse, Pheasant, Deer

They have deer stalking and a small game shoot during certain times of year.From mid September to 20th October, deer stalking takes place where stags are culled to keep numbers down so that they do not cause destruction to habitat and also do not starve in winter from lack of food through too large a population. Stag stalking is carried out by paying clients with the keeper taking them out individually and ensuring it is safely and humanely carried out. In early spring when the weather is dry enough, you may see fires on the hillsides. This is muirburn, or controlled burning of the old heather to encourage young growth and provide food for the grouse and other wild birds. Then there is also a shoot for pheasant and partridge.

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