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Ekland Safaris ,  Louis Trichardt,  South Africa, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Antelope, Giraffe

Ekland Safaris

Louis Trichardt, South Africa
Elephant, Rhinoceros, Antelope, Giraffe

Ekland, is an exclusive hunting and eco-tourism resort in the heart of the Northern Province of South Africa. This property instigates the dream of hunting, by housing within its boundaries at least 20 species of mammals among which there are the white rhino, the African buffalo, the elephant, and the giraffe, in addition to the wide array of antelopes indigenous to the area. However, Ekland is not only a hunting delight, but rather a whole world of sensations spread out in its 14,000 hectares, a place that stimulates all the senses and proclaims the beauty of the African landscape through its own awakening. The development of a dreamlike camp came inspired, not only by the natural beauty that embraces this concept, but also by a clear understanding of the symbiosis between an adventurous spirit and the inclination for comfort and luxury of a group of selected individuals that look for a personal reward in each experience. The estate offers many venues for enjoyment in order to accommodate the needs and preferences of each individual, hunters and non-hunters alike, proffering, that way, a unique experience for the whole family. The property unfolds a game of colors that shine though its pure and striking elements, with indigenous flora enhancing the plateaus in shades of ochre and green and evoking an impressionist spectacle in between its sandy mountains and rocky terrain.

All that imposes a majestic harmony that dresses up the naked skin of this charming corner in Soutpansberg. Motivated by this natural frame capable of evoking dreams, we have create da unique ambience and we accompany it with a personalized service that reflects our compromise with quality. We understand the concept of service as a response to the exclusivity that individual clients represent and we cater the particular needs of each one of them.The lodges that discreetly integrate themselves to the environment are proof of our special keenness for detail. The architectural style embracing the concept of these lodges comes impregnated in the African spirit and reflects, in a grandiose way, the architectural beauty of the area. To culminate all that, we put at the client’s disposal a group of highly qualified people that provides an unsurpassed service to assure the satisfaction of each client, including a gourmet chef that pleases all those with a discerning palate with its varied and exquisite cuisine.The stay in Ekland, therefore, is an invitation to luxury, an opportunity to discover the humane and attentive character of South Africa in its finest form, an acquaintance with the spirit of this continent that divulges its splendor through its visitors.

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