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El Crespo,  Real,  Spain, Partridge, Red-legged partridge

El Crespo

Real, Spain
Partridge, Red-legged partridge

The hosts at El Crespo are a perfect team that ensures traditional hunting, excellence in service and the planning of an unforgettable stay.

Maria Contreras Landaluce is the soul of this great company. She directs El Crespo with skill and sensitivity, establishes order and balance, and pays attention to each and every detail.

José Manuel Landaluce and Pedro de Borbón Dos Sicilias born with the smells of the Mediterranean broom and gunpowder permeating all of their memories, the hosts at El Crespo have devoted their lives to the outdoors and the red partridge—the great hunting heritage of La Mancha. Life has brought them together to form an experienced and professional tandem. Under their guidance, the hunt at El Crespo is a thrilling adventure.
Those who enjoy hunting share their passion for such an art and their high level of standards. El Crespo loves the hunting culture; it’s our thing and we understand it like anybody else.

red partridge huntingRed-legged partridge is one of the most typical birds in Spain, highly appreciated by hunters all around the world.

Our private hunting reserve is the perfect place for red partridge hunting, located in Ciudad Real, a full of cynegetic tradition area.

Specialists in driven hunting, El Crespo is defined by its tradition and quality, taking care of every single detail in order to make our client’s experience unforgettable and unique.

Our hunting reserve is surrounded by genuine Spanish towns as Villanueva de los Infantes, San Carlos del Valle or Fuenllana, the perfect places to enjoy a relaxing walk after a red partridge hunting day.

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