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El Monte,  Quines,  Argentina, Pigeon, Dove

El Monte

Quines, Argentina
Pigeon, Dove

El Monte offers a variety of amazing dove hunting in a setting like the Argentina of old.

There is a balance of nature, farming, countryside and hunting here. This is a family-operated lodge that emphasizes personal service from a dedicated staff and features a remarkable variety of outstanding shooting for doves and pigeons.

Each day of shooting at El Monte is a unique experience. Having exclusive access to over 20 ranches with thousands and thousands of acres and untold numbers of birds, the scene is different for shooters every time they set foot in the field.

High hills, woods and virgin low forest surround the sunflower, peanut, wheat, sorghum, and corn fields while plenty of irrigation pivots and first feed lots dot the area; it's perfect for nesting, roosting and it produces plenty of feed - a bird shooter's paradise. The variety of terrain and shooting opportunities is THE focus: decoyed pigeons, dove & pigeon flyways combined with high or low dove flyways- Each day happens in a different area within the province of San Luis.

El Monte Lodge is located in Yacanto, a charming village between the hills of Cordoba and San Luis provinces.

Built in traditional English style in 1900, and beautifully renovated, it offers a warm ambiance with views of old growth gardens and stately trees. It's an elegant, comfortable, and welcoming home for your adventure in Argentina.

El Monte is also fantastic for non-shooters; our gracious staff will always be available to lend a hand. Enjoy horseback riding, visits to artisan shops and local restaurants, cooking classes, golf, touring sites of interest, and trekking.

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