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Elite Falconry,  By Kirkcaldy,  United Kingdom, Grouse, Other small game, Rabbit

Elite Falconry

By Kirkcaldy, United Kingdom
Grouse, Other small game, Rabbit

Elite Falconry was conceived in 1998 in an effort to create a standard setting falconry centre of excellence in Scotland that would stick to the ethos of the word falconry – the art of hunting wild quarry in its natural state using a trained bird of prey.

As such, here at our centre in Fife we train hawks, falcons, eagles, vultures and owls to fly and behave in a trained and controlled state while retaining their natural instincts and behaviour. This ensures your experience day, flying demonstration, corporate event or pest control services are of the very highest standard.

We enjoy a superb relationship with the Scottish SPCA both giving and developing new ideas to ensure we stay at the very forefront of raptor care and husbandry.

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