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Eskdale Shooting Services,Scottish Borders, Borders,  Lylestane,  United Kingdom, Partridge, Pigeon, Grouse, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target

Eskdale Shooting Services,Scottish Borders, Borders

Lylestane, United Kingdom
Partridge, Pigeon, Grouse, Pheasant, Duck, Woodcock, Clay target

Eskdale Shooting Services offer bespoke game shooting packages tailored to the precise requirements of our clients. For over 30 years Eskdale have been specialising in providing clients with the highest quality 5 star driven Partridge and Pheasant Shooting. We have entertained guests from all over the world, many of whom have been returning for over 25 years.

Eskdale shooting is a family business started by WilsonYoung snr in the late 1970's with Wilson jnr joining the company 1988.

Specialising in high quality Driven Pheasant and Partridge shooting,Eskdale were one of the first to develop Partridge shooting over valleys on the edge of the Grouse Moor.If you are looking for High quality shooting Eskdale shooting services is the place to come.

With game shooting available over 65000 acres in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland, Eskdale Shooting Services is justifiably recognised as one of the premiere institutions for challenging sporting shooting within Scotland and the UK. The sport available is wide and varied, with our renowned shoots providing high, testing pheasants and partridges that will offer thrilling sport to the most experienced gun. Many of our drives are well known throughout all of the shooting world and are nestled in stunning countryside. In addition to offering exceptional driven shooting, the extensive range of species available to Eskdale Shooting Services adds great variety and excitement to 'mixed' and 'rough' days which will be professionally arranged for you.Excellent Roe deer stalking is also available all year round.

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