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Euro Safari - Hunting In Austria, Vienna,  Austria, Red deer, Chamois, Alpine ibex, Tahr, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

Euro Safari - Hunting In Austria

Vienna, Austria
Red deer, Chamois, Alpine ibex, Tahr, Fallow deer, Mouflon sheep, Wild boar

Perhaps not so well known is the fact that Austria has some fantastic hunting for Chamois, mountain Red Stags and Wild Boar. Through good friends we have been able to gain access to some excellent hunting areas for Chamois.

The cultural opportunities for a non-hunting companion or in addition to a hunting tour are endless. Accommodations may vary between a small hotel in the valley and a hunting cabin in the mountains. That also depends on the species you plan to hunt, the time of year and the snow level.

Austria only allows hunting with rifles and usual shot distances seldom exceed 200 yards. The game populations are in such good conditions that the guide will be very selective of the animal he will allow the client to shoot. For the largest part the hunter has to manage the game populations in Europe by taking out the weak and the sick and to keep the populations at a healthy level to prevent crop damage or large epidemics that could wipe out whole herds.

That is perhaps the largest difference to our style of hunting here in North America. Hunting that way in Austria is not only very successful but also very enjoyable since you will see so much game and have a chance to watch and get to know it a bit in its natural habitat.

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