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Extremena De Caza Menor,  Castuera,  Spain, Partridge, Pigeon, Dove, Duck

Extremena De Caza Menor

Castuera, Spain
Partridge, Pigeon, Dove, Duck

Our service is impeccable, beginning with arrival at the hunting zone, at the hotel and then continued until his departure for the return at home.

Starting from opening of hunting season, our staff, looks after the hunting grounds, always looking for places attended by animals.

Our guards are hunting humble, friendly, helpful and above all professional.

Our main objective is to hunt migratory game starting from the opening game in August with the doves and pigeons hunted in natural sites (media veda) and then hunt in October, the aquating ones, the red legged partridge with pointing dog and from November until the end of February thrushes, with excellent drag their feet and fall evening unforgettable.

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