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Farley Hall Shoot, Berkshire,  The Estate Office,  United Kingdom, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck

Farley Hall Shoot, Berkshire

The Estate Office, United Kingdom
Partridge, Pheasant, Duck

Of course, nestling amongst the gently rolling contours of the north Berkshire countryside, we're only a hen's run from London – just forty-two miles from Piccadilly. So if you've decided against coming to us the night before, the journey is just over the hour from London. You'll instantly begin to relax as the bangers and the sizzling bacon are paired with the rolls; your toughest decision at this juncture should only be ketchup or HP. With tea or some freshly brewed coffee, you'll draw pegs and see who'll be poaching from whom and then the banter can really start...

The Craic...
A recent addition to the estate's team is the all-conquering Gun-Bus, Bertha. We all know it's a miracle to actually juggle eight or nine diaries sufficiently to actually nail down a day for a team, so when you do, you'll know a minute of that precious downtime won't be wasted when the whole team are transported together under one roof. As well as keeping all the kit you may need for the day – spare cartridges and waterproofs, safe and dry, your own vehicles will return home mud-free. Above all, we also think that it's a super way to retain all of that priceless banter too.

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