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Foggy Mountain Guide Service,  Me 04422,  United States, Turkey, Bear, Coyote, Moose, Black bear

Foggy Mountain Guide Service

Me 04422, United States
Turkey, Bear, Coyote, Moose, Black bear

Welcome to Foggy Mountain Guide Service! Black bear hunting is our livelihood - not just a seasonal sideline. It is our full time commitment to make your Foggy Mountain black bear hunt a complete and memorable experience. The Most Productive Black Bear Hunting Outfitter in Maine, the United States or Canada. You want a guide who produces consistent black bear kills even in years when natural adversities exist - years when inexperienced guides and hunters fail to produce. Maine's Foggy Mountain Guide Service was founded by Wayne Bosowicz - regarded as the dean of black bear hunting guides.Foggy Mountain's close knit staff of fully licensed Maine guides set the world standard that others can only dream of achieving. And no expense is spared to continually raise that standard. Wayne has spent decades developing the bear habitat and prime hunting stands in the best bear hunting territory of Maine. He has passed his knowledge and skills to a privileged handful of Maine Guides like Brandon Bishop whose sole job is to see to it that you have the best possible opportunity to fulfill your hunting goals.

We strive to give our hunters the shooting opportunities expected of a truly world-class hunting outfitter. This requires knowledge, skill, effort, advance preparation, and experience. Bear hunting is our life, so no matter how you cut it, a part time guide can not give a full time commitment. Foggy Mountain will track and retrieve your game, field dress and skin it. We prepare the meat and hide for your trip home. Our freezers will preserve the fresh quality of your meat and hide. We prepare your trophy for your taxidermist, or we can introduce you to one of our highly skilled local specialists. Meat cutting and packaging is also available locally.

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