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Gage Outdoor Expeditions,  Minneapolis,  United States, Pheasant, Dove, Duck, Red deer, Moose, Elk, Caribou, White tail deer

Gage Outdoor Expeditions

Minneapolis, United States
Pheasant, Dove, Duck, Red deer, Moose, Elk, Caribou, White tail deer

Success rates in 2015 & 2016 were about 90%.
We hunt twice a day, driving, riding horses or walking from the lodge to the different spots from where we stalk. This is real stalk hunting and the terrain is appropriate to spot the animals from far away and try to get close. Some sections of the property are rough and require adequate stamina while others are easy walking. Our ranch, Escualita, is located on a peninsula surrounded by a lake in the most beautiful area of the Patagonia. We have over 8000 acres of woods, mountains and small valleys to hunt exclusively. During the Red Stag roar the big bulls concentrate in the valley and there is much roaring coming from the bull red stags. As the roar winds down in mid-April the Red Stag bulls move higher up. The north side of the peninsula is bathed in sun and the big bull stags congregate close to the lodge.
The hunter must be ready to take shots from 50 to 200 yards. Each hunter has a guide and after judging the trophy, the guide will tell if it is a quality Trophy Argentina Red Stag. It is important to know that we don’t shoot young animals, regardless of the size of the Red Stag. After taking your trophy Argentina Red Stag you can continue Red Stag hunting and take a second or hunt for Argentina wild boar. There are many large males in the area and the hunt is very exciting. There are first class fishing opportunities in the area as well.

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