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 Granö Beckasin,  Granö,  Sweden, Black grouse, Grouse, Capercaillie, Yellow perch, Perch, Northern pike, Moose, Amur moose

Granö Beckasin

Granö, Sweden
Black grouse, Grouse, Capercaillie, Yellow perch, Perch, Northern pike, Moose, Amur moose

Moose hunt in northern Sweden
Welcome to Granö in Lapland, the swedish part, where you will hunt moose and forest birds in the traditional manner with loose dogs. A unique type of hunting on lands rich with game.

Skilful Guides
In Granö, you can experience genuine traditional moose and forest bird hunting. You hunt on nature’s conditions, accompanied by good dogs and skilful guides who will pull out all the stops to ensure a terrific hunting experience.

Hunting provides
Hunting has always been important for the people of Granö. It has provided us with food, nature experiences and adventure for many generations. As our guest hunter, we would like to share this treasure with you. We want to give you an experience to remember.

A Powerful Feeling
It is a powerful feeling to shoot the king of the forest, the moose. In Granö, you can choose to join the hunting guide in the forest and have the chance to sneak up to the moose as the dog stands and barks – and shoot. You can also sit on lookout in the forest, in a spot where we know that moose tend to pass by.

Delicious Food
Our guests accommodation is comfortable and the food is delicious. The food is lovingly prepared using local produce. You will get to sample moose, reindeer, fish caught in the local lakes, and drink fine wines if you so wish.

Accompanying Guests
If you want to fish for a day or two, we will arrange it. There are plenty of both pike and perch in our lakes and in the Ume River. For accompanying guests there are many activities other than hunting to choose from, for example herbal walks and traditional bread making.

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