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Gyulaj Hunting Hungary,  Tamási,  Hungary, Red deer, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary

Tamási, Hungary
Red deer, Roe deer, Fallow deer, Wild boar

Gyulaj Hunting Hungary is one of the leading hunting and forestry companies of Hungary, focusing on local big game individual and group/driven hunts. Our legendary hunting grounds have given 5 CIC fallow bucks and 1 SCI world record wild boar trophy to the world already.Our free range red stag population is in the top 3 of Hungary. Hungary's heaviest antler stag of 2005 season was bagged on our Hőgyész Hunting Ground.

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  • Philip 07 Oct 2016


    • Species quality and density
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    Gyulaj hunting Hungary is a beautifull place I have been coming for many years. Especially for the driven big game hunts. What makes the area so special is the density of game and the variation between species. The medal class boar and fallow bucks swirl around your ears during every drive. The organistation is perfectly managed, the accomodation and food is very good and the staff is really friendly and will make sure all your needs are completely fullfilled.