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Headley Clay Pigeon Sc,  Off Church Lane,  United Kingdom, Pigeon, Teal, Clay target, Rabbit

Headley Clay Pigeon Sc

Off Church Lane, United Kingdom
Pigeon, Teal, Clay target, Rabbit

We are down a small, easily missable track, 50 yards past The Cock Inn (if the Cock Inn is on your left) on Church Lane and just after the Village Hall Stores. The turning is on the same side of the road as The Cock Inn. If the Cock Inn is on your right, you have gone too far!
Now you’re on the track please make sure that you drive slowly and cautiously as pedestrians and horse riders share this route with us. They have the right of way so please be courteous. After a third of a mile you will get to a fork that goes straight on or right up a small hill. You need to take the right turn up the hill and into the woods. The shoot is always sign posted on shoot days. If you’re still lost then call us and we will talk you in.
This is a single track path so please note that vehicles entering have the right of way over vehicles leaving the club. If you need to back up to let someone past, then please be patient and polite.
For satnavs use KT18 6LD. This will get you to the top of the track that leads down to the shoot. The odd sat nav might take you to “The Rectory” although this isn’t our entrance. Turn around and head back in the direction of the pub.

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