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High Arctic Lodge,  Penticton,  Canada, Arctic char, Lake trout, Musk ox, Caribou, Fox

High Arctic Lodge

Penticton, Canada
Arctic char, Lake trout, Musk ox, Caribou, Fox

Thousands of square miles of barren lands with no human inhabitants. The clean air. The beautiful crystal clear unpolluted lakes and rivers where you can spot fish from an aircraft. The weather, Ad for HALforever changing. The pristine wilderness. Herds of muskoxen and caribou. Arctic foxes camped under your cabin. Arctic hare, weasels and lemmings everywhere. A pair of swans in every lake. The unique call of the rare yellow-billed loon swimming in front of your cabin. Canada geese marching by your doorstep. Arctic flowers adorning the countryside. Where else in the world is nature so wild and untouched? Come and join us for your High Arctic Adventure.

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