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Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds,  Northwood Ha6 2 St,  United Kingdom, Pigeon, Clay target

Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds

Northwood Ha6 2 St, United Kingdom
Pigeon, Clay target

"Shooting lessons from one of our famous Holland & Holland instructors are undoubtedly the best way to either start a shooting career, or to improve an existing shooting technique."
With the widest possible range of both clay and game targets available at our Shooting Grounds, all types of sporting targets can be simulated during the lessons. Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned shot, time spent with us at the Shooting Grounds is time well invested, especially in the early stages of a shooting career. At Holland & Holland we are proud to have taught shooters from all walks of life, young and old, male and female with varying amounts of experience.
For the game shooter, all types of traditional game birds can be simulated in realistic settings and any particular problem can be addressed and corrected. For the clay shooter, we have a wide range of suitable targets to test the very best. For the novice shooter, a range of stands are available which have been designed to instil confidence in the early stages of the learning curve.
‘Schiesskino’ is an indoor rifle range with a 10-meter by 3-meter cinema screen located 25-meters from the firing point. Projected onto it is a variety of game scenarios including running boar. Everything from a single boar trotting across a woodland clearing to a whole sounder in full gallop. You pick your target and shoot with a rifle and full power ammunition. The bullet penetrates the screen, the film pauses for three seconds and a laser illuminates your hit and then the film rolls on. You reload and shoot twice more and the sequence is over. If you are shooting with friends, each of them would then have the same sequence, after which shooter one has a new scenario. The hard drive can store thousands of film clips of everything you are likely to want to shoot.
We have a range of rifles and calibres available for use, including those similar to the ones you are likely to borrow when shooting abroad. Maximise your opportunities next time you are in Germany for Boar or Spain for a Monteria by practising shooting at realistically presented game. All confined within a comfortable and air-conditioned environment in our new pavilion at the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds.

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