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John Sika Fenton Hunting,  ,  Ireland, Pigeon, Pheasant, Dove, Deer, Sika deer

John Sika Fenton Hunting

, Ireland
Pigeon, Pheasant, Dove, Deer, Sika deer

Hunting takes place over a divided area of 20,000 acres of farm land and conifer forests that run out onto open mountain moorland. The largest of these areas is the scenic 7000 acre Luggala Estate, unique for its good quality Sika Stags and the finest open mountain stalking. Hunters also have access to the 4000 acre Ballinacor estate, known for its quality Sika Stags and pheasant shoot. Its dense vegetation is ideal for challenging Sika hunting and the well managed farm land gives rise to top class Sika trophies. In 2009 a Norwegian hunter shot an impressive 11 point Sika Stag measured 229 cic points (gold medal).

Best time to hunt sika.
The best time for top quality stags is from week 39 to week 44 which is the sika stag rutting period. This period is the clients chance to hunt the Sika Stag the most difficult of deer species. The challenge and experience of the Sika hunt brings the same clients back to Wicklow year after year. You may also have the chance at time to shoot a mountain goat.

November through to December is a good time to combine both stag and hind stalking. We advise that you book for a hind shooting package and if the chance arises to shoot a good quality stag then you are able to pay the trophy fee charge at the end of your stay. Best time for hind stalking is from November to the end of February or a combination hunt in January\ February for decoying pigeons and hind stalking.

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