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Kartanon Riista,  05720 Hyvinkää,  Finland, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Roe deer, Moose, White tail deer, Fallow deer

Kartanon Riista

05720 Hyvinkää, Finland
Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Roe deer, Moose, White tail deer, Fallow deer

Kartanon Riista was established in the spring of 1999 by two entrepreneurs Niko Hytönen and Antti Eklund. The driving force was Antti’s and Niko’s passion for hunting and game management. In the beginning the activity concentrated only to Kytäjä area.

Very quickly the operation was extended from moose and deer to waterfowl hunting and pheasant shooting. A few years later partridge was included to the repertoir. Today Kartanon Riista operates in two different hunting areas. In Kytäjä we hunt partridges, ducks, deer and moose. On the island of Strömsö driven fallow deer hunts.

Kartanon Riista has all its existence been a trail blazer in bringing forward the Finnish commercial hunting traditions. Our operation is evolving all the time and new plans are waiting for execution. The company employs in addition to the partners 2-4 persons on a yearly basis. We offer annually training opportunities for a number of students of this profession.

Finland is the only place outside of the Americas where there is whitetail deer hunting in a scale that is worth mentioning. In Kytäjä whitetail deer population has been managed to a fine level. Three years we refrained completely from deer hunting. The average age of bucks has risen and some great trophy specimens are in the area. We dare, proudly offer you the deer hunting in Kytäjä. The whitetail deer hunt takes place with driving hounds and beaters. In the evening deer hunting high seats lie in wait.
Moose hunt is done in a group in a traditional Finnish way with stopping hounds. During the day the dogs carry out 3-5 separate outings. The guns are positioned on the routes known for decades to be used by the moose. For us the safety of hunters is the most important thing. We take care of the safety by clear and detailed instructions as well as placing of the high seats for shooters.
The island of Strömsö located in the southern coastline of Finland about a quarter of an hour‘s boat ride from Barösund Marina. The island is a unique hunting experience with its beautifully managed forests and the abundance of fallow deer. The hunt is carried out with hounds and during the day plentiful game sittings arise the excitement the hunters. The dominant species in the area is fallow deer, but present in these areas and hunted are also the whitetail deer, moose and roe deer.

The “New Manor” pheasant shoot represents strong European sporting tradition. The warm opening of the morning is followed by the lottery of shooting places and transport to hunting grounds. The shooting is a driven hunt where beaters with their dogs drive the birds up. The guns are placed under flying routes, where the high and fast flying pheasants present a challenging target. Successful shooting requires concentration and skill. The varied landscape and terrain topography offer plenty of challenging shooting. The day ends with game parade to honor the quarry and to thank the hunters for a successful day.

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