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Kono Lodge,  ,  Argentina, Partridge, Pigeon, Dove, Duck

Kono Lodge

, Argentina
Partridge, Pigeon, Dove, Duck

Kono Lodge is located in La Pampa Province, Argentina. Dove shooting is available year round and perdiz, pigeon and duck are available during the corresponding seasons.
The lodge is a recently refurbished Spanish colonial style house. It has 4 double rooms with private bathrooms, living room, dining room, galleria, outdoor dining area, pool and gun room.
Laundry service and massages are available upon request.
Daily rates include all meals and drinks including fine Argentine wines, beer and liquor.
The Shooting
Dove: Our dove shoots take place in different areas surrounding Kono Lodge with transfer times from lodge to field ranging from 15 to 30 minutes. The shooting usually takes place on the flight paths doves use to get in and out of the roosts as they search for water and grainfields. Each hunter will have a guide that will provide shells, cold drinks and any other assistance that may be needed in the field.

Perdiz: Perdiz shoots usually take place in the morning. One guide will assist two hunters and a pointing dog as the group works productive fields. The maximum transfer time to these areas is 50 minutes.

Pigeon: The shooting areas and techniques for hunting pigeon are varied. We often conduct hunts over decoys which recreates a hunt surprisingly similar to duck over decoys but, of course, on dry ground. Hunts often take place near large Eucalytpus roosts, feedlots or over harvested fields of sorghum or sun-flower. Pigeon shoots normally take place in the afternoon.

Ducks: We conduct our duck hunts in dry blinds designed for two hunters plus a guide. Depending on the the marsh, blinds are located along the shore or further into the marsh over the water. Either way, blinds are easily accessible and require very little walking in areas with soft bottoms. Hunting is over specie specific decoys and guides will have ducks calls and often use electronic calls as well. The transfer time from the lodge to the duck hunting areas range from 30 to 55 minutes, as all duck hunts take place in Buenos Aires Province.

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