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Lamoureux's Kodiak Bear Camp,  Po Box 90444,  United States, Sitka blacktail deer, Brown bear, Moose, Mountain goat

Lamoureux's Kodiak Bear Camp

Po Box 90444, United States
Sitka blacktail deer, Brown bear, Moose, Mountain goat

We strive to put the best, most knowledgeable person with you in the field. Most of our guides are middle age, educated, and in good to excellent physical condition. Some of our younger ones, born and raised in Alaska, have been hunting and enjoying the great Alaskan outdoors since they were old enough to chew on moose meat. These guys will be the future of the guide industry. Like myself, my people are chosen because guiding is not just about the income, but also about your success. These boys put their heart and soul into their work. Many of these guys are twenty-plus-year guiding veterans.

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