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Low Barugh Clay Shoot,  Barnsley,  United Kingdom, Clay target

Low Barugh Clay Shoot

Barnsley, United Kingdom
Clay target

Established in 1982, Low Barugh is a friendly shoot meeting every other Sunday with registration at 10:30am and the shooting starts at 11am. We are a certificate-only shoot, you don’t have to be a member but you do have to have a shotgun certificate to shoot with us. We currently have three BASC safety officers : J. Seddon, G. Miller & T. Brown.

Shooting is 50 bird sporting layout and is squad based limited to one round. There are five stands each with ten birds on them so even if you’re on your own you can come down and not worry about who’s going to button for you. If you like the shoot and decide to start coming regularly then you can enquire about becoming a member.

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