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M Sayod, Dushanbe,  Tajikistan, Markhor

M Sayod

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

The conservancy of the private company “M-Sayod” was formally established in 2004 by Davlatkhon Mulloyorov and his family from Zighar village. Being concerned about the rapid decline of the screw horned goat in the areas adjacent to their village, caused by relentless poaching, already in the early 1990s they stopped any poaching and started active protection. Now the area represents the best preserved nature in the entire Darvaz Range and beyond and inhabits viable populations of the globally endangered Tajik markhor and other rare and endangered wild animals as well as a variety of plant species.

The protection is exclusively financed by own means of the company and by support from private sponsors. Strictly controlled trophy hunts on single old male markhor provide and revenues from tourism the necessary means for nature protection and social-economic development of the local community.

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