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Mayland Gun Club,  Steeple Road,  United Kingdom, Clay target

Mayland Gun Club

Steeple Road, United Kingdom
Clay target

Welcome to
​Mayland Gun Club
The club prides itself on being one of the most friendliest and helpful Clubs in Essex.

Mayland Gun club has 4 undercover DTL stands with undercover viewing and waiting areas. The club also has a Double rise and practice layout available all day on the shoot dates. The club uses voice activated Canterbury release systems and all the stands are run by our own qualified referees. Every event we hold, 100 DTL registered competitions & DTL Re-Entry ( B/o ) single barrel and double rise. With many sponsored events their is always lots of silverware and prizes on offer. You must be a member to win Trophies.
The club boasts many features to make your visit enjoyable for all the family.

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