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Mckinnon And Company Outfitting,  P.O. Box 89,  Canada, Northern pike, Walleye, Wolf, Black bear, White tail deer, Wolverine

Mckinnon And Company Outfitting

P.O. Box 89, Canada
Northern pike, Walleye, Wolf, Black bear, White tail deer, Wolverine

Chris McKinnon was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. He grew up hunting and fishing. As soon as Chris was of age he began guiding for whitetail deer and black bears in Alberta. Over the past 10 years Chris has built a very successful Whitetail Deer and Black Bear outfit in Alberta, Canada.

At a young age Chris was drawn to the mountains. At age 18 he harvested a 187 B&C Alberta Big Horn Ram. He was hooked. The next summer he began guiding in the mountains of Alberta. Chris knew that one day he would own a hunting area in the mountains. For 14 years Chris has been guiding/hunting in various parts of British Columbia, North West Territories, Yukon Territory and Alberta. He has been busy spending time gaining knowledge from different outfitters and getting to know different hunting areas. He has educated himself on where the best hunting areas in Western Canada are. In 2004 Chris bought the Bonnet Plume hunting area in the Yukon.

Chris & his wife Sharron are busy guiding year round and are happy to be able to offer their clients such a wide variety of animals to hunt and other outdoor activities such as Fishing trips and Trap Line Adventures.

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