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Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground,  Deighton Hills,  United Kingdom, Clay target

Mid Norfolk Shooting Ground

Deighton Hills, United Kingdom
Clay target


If you have never shot before or have tried it once or twice and are thinking of getting more involved with this rewarding sport then a lesson is a good starting point.

Starter lessons are £70, this is a one hour session which includes the use of a gun hire, clays and tuition (cartridges not included).
Lessons can be bought as gifts too! Christmas and birthdays, no restrictions on age or gender. We use low recoil guns where required.
Experienced Shooters

Iron out your shooting problems with a morning or afternoon with Ex World Cup FITASC Champion and England Team shooter Duane Morley.
Group Clay Shoots
We can arrange the following for you:

+ Corporate Clay Shoots
+ Private Clay Shoots
+ Stag/Hen Clay Shoots

If you are interested in organising a shoot please contact us to discuss your requirements as there are many options available.
Prices range from £60-£70 per person, depending on numbers, which includes use of a gun, cartridges, tuition and refreshments.

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