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Mike's Outfitting Ltd., ,  Canada, Mule deer, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear, Elk, White tail deer

Mike's Outfitting Ltd.

, Canada
Mule deer, Canada moose, Moose, Black bear, Elk, White tail deer

There is a large population of elk in the Peace River region of Alberta, Canada. Here you get the rare opportunity to elk hunt during the peak of the rut.

These rifle elk hunts are done in a mix of public and private land on the farmland fringe using calling and spot and stalk tactics. You will have a great chance to get a mature, heavy 5 or 6 point bull. A legal bull just needs to have 3 points on one side. The hunting pressure is relatively low in most of our elk hunting areas. The elk are generally not difficult to locate on cool, calm days as they can be very vocal. On good weather days, you may hear multiple bugling bulls. Occasionally even the bigger herd bulls will come charging into a bugle, giving the hunter a close shot. On poor weather, warm, windy days the hunting can be much tougher though and the intensity of the rut does seem to vary year to year for unknown reasons.

Our rifle elk hunts take place from September 17 to the 30th as a 6 day elk only hunt. We own the only 6 outfitter rifle elk tags in our zone. Your chance for success on our elk hunts is greatly improved by being physically fit. Even though we kill some elk in the farm fields, being able to hike the steep Peace River Valley or chase a rutting elk is a necessity. It is a fun hunt with a high success rate

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