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Mosaic Adventure Trek & Tour,  Opposite To Chi Bahal,  Nepal, Blue sheep, Himalayan tahr

Mosaic Adventure Trek & Tour

Opposite To Chi Bahal, Nepal
Blue sheep, Himalayan tahr

Although Nepal is a small, undeveloped country, it far deters visitors from coming. Amazingly, you can find visitors from all parts of the world here traversing over foothill trails or roaming through small alleys in the capital. There’s certainly an attractiveness that brings millions of tourists each year to Nepal; most people may think it is because of the majestic mountain vista views but a closer examination into the culture and visitors especially frequent ones will tell you it lies in the charm of the Nepali people and their warm hearts engulfed in a medieval, predominantly hindu republic that are landlocked between political turmoil and modern development.

We, at Mosaic Adventure, want to continuously promote Nepalese tourism by taking it to new heights, particularly to an international level and make Nepal known to the outside world not only as a great travel destination but for its rich culture, tasty food and friendly people. With this vision in mind, we are contouring our business to meet international standards of tourism along with expanding our networks and knowledge abroad.

We greatly honor the importance of your valued time, interest and remarks to help us improve the quality of our company and its services.

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